DML2  v1.0.1
Introduction to DML2
Getting Started
Files and Directories
Custom Tags
File Output
Creating Objects
Rendering and Scope
Object Execution
Rendering Arrays
Automatic Tags
Release Notes
<( Release Notes )>

There are currently no known bugs with DML2, but I'd imagine that there might be some unknown ones. If you find what you think is a bug, head on over to Deraj DeZine and find my email. Be sure to email me the offending code so that I can confirm the bug and try to figure out the problem with special debugging DML2 binaries.

DML2 v1.0.1 has been thoroughly tested and well-documented (in my opinion), but you may not feel this same way. If you can think of a way to improve DML2 don't hesitate to contact me, I get a surprisingly low amount of email =)

You can check out DML2 the development page on Deraj DeZine for more information. There is also a DML2 project page on SourceForge, if you'd like to get a hold of the source code.

New in v1.0.1:

Default Constructors - A convenient way to give objects default values that may be overridden.
<(&index)> Tag - An automatic tag that yields the current object's array position (starting with 1).
Output Directory Option - You can now set the directory that files are written to.
Man Pages - A Linux man page version of the documentation may now be built.
Bug Fixes - Numerous bug fixes and code cleanup (mostly related to the object hierarchy).
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