DML2  v1.0.1
Introduction to DML2
Getting Started
Files and Directories
Custom Tags
File Output
Creating Objects
Rendering and Scope
Object Execution
Rendering Arrays
Automatic Tags
Release Notes
<( Getting Started )>

Since you're reading this documentation, you've probably already been to the DML2 website and have hopefully downloaded the version that matches your system (e.g. Windows or i386 Linux).

If you're curious as to how to install one of the binary releases (i.e. not the source code), there's basically no installation required. All you need to do is move the dml2build program so that it is easily accessible (having it on your path is usually convenient =).

!Note: If you are a Windows user, you are going to have to use the MS-DOS prompt program (or specially crafted shortcuts/batch files) in order to use DML2. About all you need to know is that the cd command changes folders (so that you can get to your DML2 source files). If this all sounds too complicated, perhaps DML2 is not for you.
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