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<( Automatic Tags )>

DML2 provides some automatically created tags that may be used for features that are not possible with the current DML2 specification. These tags prevent name clashes by starting with the forbidden (to regular DML2 tags) ampersand (&) character. Just use them like regular DML2 tags.

&index - This tag inserts the current object's position within an array (if it's in an array). Note that this starts with 1 as the first element instead of zero. A good example of this tag's use is on the constructor page.
&day - Returns the day of the month.
&monthName - Returns the name of the current month.
&month - Returns the number of the current month.
&year - Returns the current year.
&second - Returns the current second.
&minute - Returns the current minute of the hour.
&12hour - Returns the 12-hour clock's hour of day.
&24hour - Returns the 24-hour clock's hour of day.
&ampm - Returns AM or PM
&version - Returns the version of DML2 that you are currently using. (1.0.1)
&website - Returns the URL of the current DML2 web site.
&build - Returns the build name of the version of DML2 you are using (Revolution)

Here's an example of how these hard-coded tags might be used:

Generated <(&monthName)> <(&day)>, <(&year)> by DML2 ( <(&website)> )
©2002 Jared Krinke. ((( Revolution )))