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Object-Oriented Content Storage and Document Formatting

DML2 is an object-oriented content storage and document formatting framework. Using a fairly simple, object-oriented language and a few templates, generating different types of media from the same source content is made easy. This tool has been obsoleted by XSLT.

Development: Not Bad

Last Modified: 2002-07-16T07:00Z

Next thing I'm gonna tackle is the handling of output/execute definitions. I've been intentionally putting this off because I'm not really sure how I'm gonna pull it off =). I'll think I'll set up a queue of some sort so that command reading only takes one pass. I'm beginning to wonder about DML2's speed; I think it may very well end up being faster than plain ol' DML. (This would mostly be due to the fact that there are NO memory leaks and I'm using the standard template library)