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Object-Oriented Content Storage and Document Formatting

DML2 is an object-oriented content storage and document formatting framework. Using a fairly simple, object-oriented language and a few templates, generating different types of media from the same source content is made easy. This tool has been obsoleted by XSLT.

Development: DML2 v1.0

Last Modified: 2002-07-31T07:00Z

I wasn't expecting to be saying this already, but DML2 v1.0 has been released! It adds several useful features such as the &index tag and default constructors. It also adds Linux man page output for the documentation (thanks to the magic of DML2 =)

The source code distribution has also been cleaned up a ton. It now uses GNU build tools and automatically builds/installs the documentation using the just-built binary. I think that's pretty cool =).

So basically, I'm done with DML2 for the time being (unless someone emails me some new feature requests =). The next thing I plan on doing is trashing the current layout for DeZine since it's kind of ugly and uses frames. I've got a layout ready, just a matter of putting the entire site's content into DML2 content files.

Why are you still here? Go get DML2!