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Object-Oriented Content Storage and Document Formatting

DML2 is an object-oriented content storage and document formatting framework. Using a fairly simple, object-oriented language and a few templates, generating different types of media from the same source content is made easy. This tool has been obsoleted by XSLT.

Development: DML2 v1.0.1

Last Modified: 2002-08-10T07:00Z

Just a quick note to say that DML2 v1.0.1 is now ready for download. If you've been having trouble with bugs or are annoyed with the strange output the program gives, just upgrade and everything should be fine. Some of you may have noticed that I accidentally didn't update the links and release the Windows version. This was all laziness/stupidness on my part and I apologize for that =)

I spent the last two days messing around with scripting languages to see if there was some way I could easily embed something into DML2 to make it a better program. Unfortunately, there isn't a way. If you think DML2 can't meet your needs, I'd recommened just trying to make your own content-generation system using a scripting language like Python or Ruby.