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Object-Oriented Content Storage and Document Formatting

DML2 is an object-oriented content storage and document formatting framework. Using a fairly simple, object-oriented language and a few templates, generating different types of media from the same source content is made easy. This tool has been obsoleted by XSLT.

Development: DML2 Mostly Done

Last Modified: 2002-07-17T07:00Z

Before you get too excited (because I'm sure you're excited =), by "Mostly Done" I really meant "Over Half Complete." I mean, it's practically the same thing, right?

Yes, not a whole lot of updates to this main page lately, but I've been quietly coding away on DML2. Compared to the old DML, DML2 boasts many, many new features. I suggest you take a look at the project page to see what I mean.

In other news, I've been messing around with opensource software (mostly coming from SF) and I've had quite a bit of fun with this. I made two little patches for Fluxbox (an X Windows window manager) as well as a patch (that got accepted) to an OpenGL racing game. I've also adding a bunch of weapons and cool effects to the Reptile Labour Project's excellent top-scrolling shooting game, Chromium BSU. (No patches for those additions, though).

The fun I've had with Chromium has caused me to reconsider whether or not I should continue on Falling Block Game. I really can't add any features to Falling Block Game that would make it stand out in the τΣτRιδ clone market (Hαδbrθ can't sue me! ;). However, I feel that I could bring some features that are decidedly lacking in the current freely available top-scrolling shooters. Nothing's set in stone, however.